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Well if you deal with Unity all day you probably faced this situation: “This object looks good here, I want to copy and paste all these other objects to that position”, and I lost count how many times I saw level designers writing on a paper or using Text Edit or (Note Pad) to type on each object the saved position.

Unity’s default transform inspector

I started thinking about develop a tool to solve that problem when I saw NGUI reseting options on transform panel. Then I though well it should be nice with I can copy and paste on the same place, but I keep the idea stored.

Unity inspector panel
NGUI transform custom Editor.

Before we at Secret Weapon used another editor tool which you have to click on Editor tab on top of screen and then again to paste desired transform option. All team complain about that, but as always I have thousands things to do and keep the solution for another time.

One day the level designer came to me and said: “Why Unity doesn’t make an easy way to copy positions, rotations and scales?” I answered him: “Today it’s your luck day”. Few hours later I came up with that tool for him to use, he was doing a exhaustive level construction scene in Unity. You can image his happiness 🙂

easy t
Easy transform customised panel

The Tool

  • Easily reset position, scale and rotation with one click, by clicking on POS, ROT, or SCALE.
  • Also copy and paste transform with one click, by clicking on C or P of respective type.
  • Undo supported

Download it!

easy transform


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